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93% of our clients see their social anxiety decline

Decline in Social Anxiety During Joyable Usage

Clients see an average 39 percent decline in their social anxiety. Ninety-three percent of our clients see their social anxiety decline, and the more Joyable activities they complete, the larger that decline is.

We measure this decline by clients’ SPIN (Social Phobia Inventory) score. The SPIN is a clinically validated measurement for social anxiety. Clients take the SPIN at the beginning of the Joyable program, and they retake it along the way to track their progress.

Clients tell us that a 39% decline is life-changing.

A 39 percent decline empowers our clients to do the things that they care about most – things that were hard for them before Joyable, such as interviewing for jobs, going on dates, attending social events, or interacting successfully with their families.

Help no matter who you are

Whether you’re 19 or 77, female or male, actress, engineer, student or parent – our results show that we can reduce social anxiety for all kinds of people.

Client Age
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We’ve helped people of all professions. We’ve helped people with moderate clinical social anxiety, and we’ve helped people with social anxiety so severe they struggle to leave home. We’ve helped people most anxious about professional settings and we’ve helped people who struggle most with social events. Regardless of who you are or your type of social anxiety, if it impairs your life, we’re proven to help.

Help no matter where you are

We’ve helped clients across the U.S. and all over the world, from major cities to remote rural areas. Our growing client base covers 20+ countries.

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