Coach Corner

Joyable coaches share tips on how to overcome stressful situations like speaking in public, making small talk at parties, and going on dates.

Social Anxiety at the Margins

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy teaches us to look for the irrationality behind our anxiety. But what if, as a victim of discrimination, your fears are backed up by evidence?

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Anxiety at Night

Social anxiety disrupts the sleep of thousands of people. Learn why we have anxiety at night, what it may look like, and tips that may help you overcome it.

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computer based cognitive behavioral therapy

What is Online CBT?

Can online cognitive behavioral therapy provide effective mental health benefits? Learn how it compares to in-person options.

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Overcoming The Fear of Rejection

Is there science behind gamifying rejection? Learn where Rejection Therapy™ (discussed on NPR’s Invisibilia) stacks up against clinically validated practices like Cognitive behavioral therapy.

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How to Small Talk

Do you get the butterflies starting conversations at parties? Anxious chatting to new people? Learn some tips for stress-free small talk.

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